Nando’s Montecasino

WORDS Amelia Brown IMAGES Elsa Young

The latest Nando’s restaurant, or “casa”, features the brand’s familiar zest and African design in a contemporary and sophisticated interpretation and execution by interior design studio Hesse Kleinloog Studio.

“This project provided us with the opportunity to illustrate our take on the narrative of quintessential African design in a sophisticated manner,” says Hesse Kleinloog Studio’s co-owner Megan Hesse of the eleventh Nando’s casa the studio has designed. “Our use of natural materials and rich colours helped create a warm and inviting environment in keeping with the spirit of the Nando’s brand.”

Location plays a key part in giving a project context, Megan explains of approaching the design of a casa. “Functionality of the space is another priority,” says Megan’s partner Andrea Kleinloog. “This helps dictate areas of interest.”

A lot of consideration also goes into achieving the correct balance of texture, colour and warmth; vital elements of a successful Nando’s interior. The duo chose an earthy palette paired with pops of colour, and layered textures and pattern through fabric, tiling and screen designs. This casa is also a celebration of local design and craft. Hesse Kleinloog Studio included work by James Mudge, Pedersen + Lennard, Mash T Design StudioStudio 19 and NM Design, amongst others, as well as art by Daniella Mooney.

“Being able to support our colleagues in the design industry is one of the best parts of the job,” says Megan. “That, and watching the magic of the space come to life.”

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