Mr. Power

Winter is upon us and with the cold comes increased electricity consumption. One of the easiest ways to conserve energy is to turn off your geyser daily but the new Mr. Power energy saving and back-up power specialist is making it that much easier.

The little Mr Power Geyser Controller gadget is easily installed into your electrical distribution board and can save you 40-60% of your geyser costs. After all, it’s money far better spent on you, your home and family.

The Geyser Controller is programmed to switch off your geyser when hot water is not required in large amounts. It differs from a timer in that it detects current as opposed to time. The geyser is therefore only active for the period of time necessary to get the water to the pre-set temperature and will then cancel the rest of the time period. The controller features a handy boost button should you need it.

Interestingly, a normal geyser is the item that uses the most electricity in the majority of households – sometimes up to 60% of the total bill. Mr. Power’s Geyser Controller can therefore reduce your electricity bill by 20-30% – which is a huge saving (especially with the ever-increasing costs of power). By doing your bit for the environment and saving energy, you’ll also have a bit extra in the bank. The best part is that you will see a reduction in your bill within the first few months and the Geyser Controller pays for itself within a year.

The Geyser Controller also works in conjunction with the Power Factor Correction (PFC) unit. The Controller regulates the function of the geyser and the PFC unit stabilises and optimises the usage of electricity. The two work independently, but when used together, you save more. In fact, if both products are installed, Mr. Power guarantees you will save a minimum of 20% of your total energy bill.

Energy saving is a personal and national priority for all of us. The rise of the “green economy” has ensured that countries around the world are investing in solutions that reduce unsustainable energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.

For more information, visit or call the Mr. Power team directly on 011 804 2988.