Modern Feline Furniture from Tuft + Paw

WORDS Amelia Brown

The California-based cat furniture company Tuft + Paw has launched the Milo: the “ultimate playground for cats”, according to Dezeen.

For the design-conscious pet owner, it can be a challenge to find stylish pet furniture. Not only does this jungle gym offer indoor tigers the chance to play, discover and maintain their physical prowess, but its simple, Ikea-like flat-pack design and white and grey colour scheme means it is a piece of furniture you’ll be happy to have on show in your home.

It features two covered treehouses, two perches, and two scratching posts – a slide and the other a fireman-poll-like one both upholstered in a durable carpet fibre. Its curved side panels (designed especially to avoid sharp edges) are made of natural birch plywood with a white UV coating and slot together to build the frame, some of which is wrapped in rope for extra claw sharpening opportunities. Steps between the frame are ideal for cats to perch or jump on.

Arguably its best feature is the “crystal hammock”: a translucent, fish-bowl-style basin for perching or napping. Great for multi-cat households (the best kind, in our opinion), it is “suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes”, according to the site.

Tuft + Paw’s mission is to provide beautiful, well-made furniture for housecats, and it sources beautiful products from around the world, including bedshouses and (gasp!) hammocks, scratching posts and climbing gyms, and stylish litter box furniture and accessories.

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