Minimalist Durbanville Home: Clara Anna Fontein

WORDS Michaela Stehr PHOTOS Dook

A new family home in Durbanville fuses raw concrete with living plants to create a minimal feeling of an “urban jungle”, and a place of quiet contemplation for the homeowners.

The home of Deon and Anina van Eeden is situated in the heart of a new Durbanville estate Clara Anna Fontein, overlooking the rolling hills and mountain ranges of the much-loved wine-route destination.

They used architect Jean Odendaal from Architech for the project, with a brief to give the surrounding nature priority in the build, being prominent both inside and outside. Giving an organic feel and using plants inside to reflect the farm-like feel of the estate was important for Anina. Being an interior decorator, Anina wanted to work with someone who could share her vision and understands the relationship between architecture and interior design. Building from scratch and creating a space in collaboration with Jean was important for the project, resulting in a cohesive home that ticked all the boxes for the family. Staying on an estate means that there are quite strict build rules and the team had to work within those guidelines, while still creating a space that felt unique to the family and brought their personality to the forefront.

Minimalist Durbanville Home Designed by Architech

Building more with less was also a big theme, which led to the medium concrete – an honest material that is both contemporary and classic and allows the surrounding interior design to pop. Mute exterior and interior finishes act as a platform to showcase statement furniture pieces, artwork and the garden. Garden design by Penny Moir Landscape Architects in conjunction with Anina ensured that the garden gives privacy and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the surrounds.

“A limited number of materials were used for the floors and the walls as well as joinery and other finishes to create a minimalist decor theme as a calm sanctuary away from day-to-day life where you can relax and unwind,” explains Anina. “I love lighting or the lack of lighting to give atmosphere. I have had the Parentesi lights for the lounge area for five years in my garage. I believe that you need silent spaces to give items of art or furniture a chance to stand out. Not to fill every wall and space,” she elaborates.

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