Making Patterns With Skinny laMinx

WORDS Cheri Morris

Heather Moore, founder of local textile and homeware brand Skinny laMinx, is behind Making Friday, an initiative that invites the public to create their own patterns using her easy (and addictive) shortcuts.

Making Friday is a Skinny laMinx project that sees Heather teach subscribers how to create something new every week, simply for the joy of creating. The project is inspired by Heather’s own weekly Making Friday practice, where she’s had a date with herself, her studio and her creative ideas every Friday since 2008.

Heather decided to implement Making Fridays in her life at a time when Skinny laMinx was so busy she found herself unhappily drowning in admin, with little to no time to create. It was when she found herself in the dentist’s chair that she realised she didn’t need to find the time to create, she needed to make it.

If you’re drawn to patterns, intrigued by how they are made or are simply looking to add a meditative activity to your day, Making Friday is what you’ve been missing. Check out Heather’s easy-to-follow how-to video on Vimeo and download the worksheet here. Subscribe to the Making Friday newsletter for more insight into Heather’s creative studio practices at skinnylaminx/making-friday.

Want more? Skinny laMinx is also offering an online course on how pattern works for R450, using tiles from Lisbon as a tool kit. Find out more at