Mabeo Launches Three New Furniture Collections

WORDS Palesa Kgasane

Mabeo, a Botswana-based brand that works with southern African craftspeople, has created three new collections, made from local industry’s wood and waste material.

The new collections consist of cabinets, chairs, plant platforms and coffee tables, all rimmed with textured aluminium. Founder Peter Mabeo, who established the brand in 1996, told Dezeen: “The new material for this year is galvanised metal, which is the result of a collaboration we have with craftspeople in Botswana who work with waste material from the construction industry.”

The futuristic and highly inventive collections are a collaboration between the craftspeople of Botswana and three international designers, namely: Garth Roberts from Canada, Inès Bressand from France and Francesco Faccin from Italy. Each of these designers was tasked to create items that utilised and showcased the wood found locally in Botswana.

All of the items in the collections act as accessories that complement one another, from the tall bent aluminium cabinet to the short pot plant.

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