Local Illustrations: Smol Things

smol things

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES via @smolthings_cpt

Amor Coetzee, the illustrator behind Cape Town-based studio Dayfeels, has started a new Instagram account that aims to bring a touch of joy to your feed when things start to feel a bit much.

“Smol Things started as an outlet to lighten the load of the daily grind and reconnect to creative play,” says Amor. “I wanted to spark joy, not only for myself but for others too.”

Like many artists across the globe, Amor found herself feeling the pressure to keep her business afloat in this unprecedented time. “I started to lose creative playfulness and had an intense desire to rediscover that again. I made a conscious decision to draw for the sake of drawing and not for any financial / career gain.”

For Amor, letting go of that created a new-found sense of freedom. “I found myself reawakening that inner child that has been asleep for many years. It has certainly saved me during the lockdown and my hope is that these funny little drawings will bring those who view them a little piece of happiness too.”

Follow @smolthings_cpt for more illustrations and visit dayfeels.co.za to shop online. A portion of the proceeds of sales from the COVID-19 series of drawings, seen on @smolthings_cpt, will go towards Corona Care. Orders will be shipped once lockdown restrictions are lifted.