Local Furniture Design: murrmurr

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Designer and 2020 Design Indaba Emerging Creative Mia Senekal’s brand, murrmurr, draws on scenes and textures in nature to inspire her new, locally crafted furniture collection.

How did your furniture journey start?

I’ve long wondered what form of design would truly captivate me – what I would absolutely love to work on for the rest of my life. In October 2018, I had a kind of epiphany: I decided to stop working full time and start my own furniture business. I’ve always been drawn to the details of design and furniture suited that perfectly.

How did you come to choose the moon as inspiration?

I’m in awe of nature and find most of my inspiration there. At the moment, I’m fascinated by curves. Our apartment has a balcony, and sitting outside one night I looked up at the moon in its crescent form and just knew that I needed to play with that shape. I started looking at the other phases of the moon and it all came together. It just flowed.

What are your favourite pieces?

The New Moon Couch is definitely my favourite. It was the first piece I designed that made me feel like I can actually do this. It’s beautiful and comfortable, it suits any space, and it feels almost endless with the rolling flutes. I also love the Quarter Coffee Table. I love marble – the natural beauty of it and how the unique character of the material makes each piece original.

Quarter Coffee Table

Where do you see your next collection going?

I will be building on the Moon Collection – I still have many designs inspired by the moon – and I will be focusing on marble for a while. I’ll also be bringing lights into the range.

For more information, visit murrmurr.co.za.