Lisa Lloyd’s Paper Art


Inspired by nature and design, UK-based artist Lisa Lloyd creates intricate 3D sculptures from paper, hand-cutting, scoring, folding and delicately layering each piece to bring her subjects to life. 

“The greatest inspiration for my work comes from nature,” she explains. “I love the incredible tiny details, the patterns, symmetry, colour and texture. Paper is the perfect medium to express the beauty of nature, with its tactile quality and vast range of colours and styles.”

Lisa’s subjects range from birds and insects to plants and produce, with private and commercial commissions as well as original pieces available for sale on her online store. She’s collaborated with the likes of De Beers, Waitrose, Davison Highley and BBC, amongst others.

Each pieces takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete. She applies her background in graphic design and animation to capture the essence of her subject matter, which she spends time researching, turning to YouTube videos to accurately portray the movement and subtleties.

Find Lisa on Instagram (@lisa_lloydpaper) and check out more of her projects at