Lauren Fowler’s Transformation Collection

lauren fowler
Snake Charmer

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES courtesy of Lauren Fowler

Cape Town-based illustrator Lauren Fowler recently released her Transformation Collection, consisting of three new artworks inspired by transformation, rebirth and spirituality.

“The creative energy that goes into my work is my life force,” says Lauren. “It’s literally putting down onto paper what happens in my heart, how my mind works and the song that my soul sings.”

Lauren’s 11-year artistic journey has come with ups and downs, with both creative blocks and moments of expressive release. Her current work is all about self-discovery, something she explores using the concept of a snake.

“The snake, a mysterious, elusive creature in mythology, has always fascinated me,” she says of her three intricately detailed works, entitled Snake Charmer, Cosmic Serpent and Serpentine. “Even in the natural world, the shedding of its outer layer of skin is a beautiful metaphor for us, how we can leave behind what no longer serves us as we grow.”

Cosmic Serpent

For Lauren, the Snake Charmer represents the coming together of beauty and danger, while Cosmic Serpent, originally inspired by a documentary she saw at the Planetarium in Cape Town, combines the snake symbol with the eight phases of the moon to illustrate the passing of time.


The first in the series, Serpentine, took two weeks for Lauren to complete. “This piece really is a symbol of breakthrough and recovery for me. I had finally come through the other side of artist’s block and I could feel myself locking into a creative rhythm again. It might just look like a snake to everyone else, but I’m hoping that just by the amount of detail that went into the artwork, you can feel the type of journey I went on.”

See more of Lauren’s work on her website Lost Is a Place Too.