L’Agulhas Beach House

WORDS Amelia Brown PHOTOS Marelise Coetzer

Located in L’Agulhas, the southernmost tip of South Africa, on a picturesque plot right next to the Agulhas National Park, the brief to Mount Moriah Architecture studio was for a minimalist beach house that afforded its owners privacy, contended with the elements, and maximised the setting. 

With a south facing site that offers 180º views of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, designer Louis Delgado had to take into account the prevailing Southeaster while making the most of the outlook. He opted for two wings, which not only provide the simplicity the owners were after, but created a sheltered courtyard between them and divided up the home’s functions – one “living” wing for public/entertaining that contains a kitchen and scullery and open-plan kitchen-dining-lounge area, and the other private/sleeping wing.

“We were able to use every bit of glazed area to introduce an indoor/outdoor living experience,” he explains. The living wing is slightly set back with double-volume steel and glass doors opening up onto a patio partially covered by a staggered portico; a modern facade that emphasises the simplistic A-frame barn shape.


“The architecture was determined in a large part by the materials, which had to be practical for easy maintenance. Instead we let the façades make the statement.” In the front, a patterned screen adds detail and interest to the entrance.

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The simplicity and sense of order is continued inside. The owner hand-picked the interior finishes, ensuring every element had a functional and aesthetic purpose. Timber joinery, tan leather and woven elements add warmth to the mostly monochrome palette.

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