Kramerville: Streamlight Showroom

WORDS Tracy Greenwood

Streamlight, a designer, manufacturer and supplier of creative lighting solutions, has now opened a striking new showroom in the heart of Kramerville.

It showcases the latest local and imported lighting ranges. “Our team regularly attends international lighting conventions to keep abreast of evolution in the industry,” says managing director Robert Kalish. “Streamlight offers clients a turnkey solution to their lighting needs.”

VISI deputy editor Annemarie Meintjes attended the opening. “All the lights in this beautiful space are an accurate reflection of the trends on show at the nest international exhibitions,” she says. “The showroom is
 a charming open space that looks absolutely breathtaking at night and is filled with drool-worthy installations. I just wish they were open well into every evening so all customers and passers-by could appreciate the visual spectacle!”

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