Kirsten Goss: The Diamond Condition

INTERVIEWED BY Malibongwe Tyilo

Award-winning Cape Town and London-based jewellery designer Kirsten Goss held a party at her Cape Town store on 29 October 2015 to launch her latest fashion video campaign, featuring pieces from her jewellery range, the Diamond Condition.

She described the video as “an oeuvre of women’s sometimes dark, irreverent but innate obsession with diamonds.” Her previous video campaign, Arcade, scooped up the award for Best Art Direction at the Bokeh Fashion Film Awards. We asked this winning designer a few questions.

What role do you think fashion films play in marketing a brand?

It’s not that there is a specific role, it’s more that it’s just another string in the bow. The line between content creation and marketing has been blurred. One can consider today’s clients an audience. This may at times seem daunting, but it is truly an amazing time to be engaging. I love all mediums, but film has to be a rather special one to be able to play with. Truth is, we will only find the role as it develops. Watch this space.

What attracted you to the film medium for your brand?

Truthfully, it’s progression. As the ideas and opportunities evolve, I try to take advantage of them. It’s a triumphant stage on which to perform as a brand and one that I think fits me and my endeavours like a glove. So long as the people enjoy the results, I will continue. Film, much like jewellery making is a brutal process. Hours disappear, objects are beaten into shape, and finally with enough determination and good people around me, I get something that I am vaguely happy with!

Your previous video won the Best Art Direction award at the Bokeh awards. Does this add extra pressure?

Sure, I love an accolade just like the next girl. Truth is I loved my film before it won an award, which is probably the most important thing. Make it because you love it and be honest. These films are an extravagance in so many ways; I would never let myself fall into the trap of trying to use them as adverts. They are all about expression. We remember that it is content creation and needs to entertain first. As for pressure, it takes a lot of that stuff to make a diamond!

Please tell us a little more about the Diamond Condition range.

The range is a playful and irreverent approach to a usually staid execution. I have looked to deconstruct the notion of the classical diamond format. The collection uses precious materials in a cheeky and fashion forward manner. You won’t find your family heirlooms in any of my cabinets. It’s sexy, fresh, stylish and sophisticated.

Lastly, and lightly, are they your best friend?

I’m not telling. Jokes! I studied geology, and from this I gained a love of all rocks. A mother loves her entire brood and each one has its special place. What I can say is that I can’t imagine a world without these sparkly critters.

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