HIIVE Sustainable Bee Houses


WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES

Berlin-based startup company HIIVE has reimagined a traditional beehive, for beekeepers to introduce a safe and healthy solution to synthetic chemical-based options, protecting our most important species on the planet.

The homes simulate a “tree cave”, creating the perfect replica of a natural tree hollow, providing natural insulation, an organic shape, an optimum micro-climate for the bees to thrive and living space for bee-friendly symbionts to thrive.


“It all started with a thesis in the Industrial Design studies. At first, we just wanted to design a more ergonomic beehive,” explain founders Philip Potthast and Fabian Wischmann. “During the first design studies, we accompanied several beekeepers during their work. The first time we saw the treatment against the Varroa Mite, it was a shocking experience. The chemical treatment had a direct effect on the bees‘ behaviour. We found that there is a more serious problem to be solved than the ergonomics in beekeeping.”


Made completely from recycled and sustainable materials, the HIIVE system is fully modular with easily exchangeable components. Smart sensors allow keepers to monitor all the relevant data connected to an app that predicts swarming.

“Therefore we have asked scientists for advice, they repeatedly pointed out the problem with the wrong microclimate in conventional bee-boxes,” they continue.

Find out more at hiive.eu.

(h/t) designboom.com