Heart felt

WORDS Debbie loots

Stephanie Bentum’s company, Krafthaus, has just added a new home and fashion collection to its luxurious felt product range, made from the fleece of young angora goats and merino lamb’s wool.

Handmade by a small team of felters in the Hottentots Holland mountains near Somerset West, Krafthaus’s wares include scatter cushions, blankets and shoes. Soft to the touch, with that angora sheen that’s earned mohair the title of diamond fibre, the goods are utterly desirable, and made with the environment in mind.

Stephanie’s designs are inspired by the shapes of nature, but she’s gone all out with the palette – among her earthy hues are bright bolts of colours.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has her constantly exploring new design possibilities. To showcase the wool industry, as well as follow felt’s manufacturing journey, from the farmer to the end product, Stephanie has teamed up with wool processors Segard Masurel and SAMIL to present DDOT14, an official WDC2014 project.

Although DDOT14 has a charming ring to it, it’s short for a mighty mouthful – Design Development from Origin through Technology – and, like the name Krafthaus, it’s inspired by the German Bauhaus School, famous for combining fine art with craft back in the 1930s.