Solid advice

Which stone is best for your home, specifically for your kitchen countertops? WOMAG gives us their expert advice.

One of the hottest debates – whether you are giving your kitchen a face-lift, renovating or building – is what material to use for counter tops in the kitchen.

The information below sheds some light on the available choices, and offers an unbiased comparison of marble, granite, and quartz countertops, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses


There is absolutely nothing that looks and feels more glamorous than a marble countertop. Nothing comes close to the pure elegance of marble.

Marble stands up well to heat but is very susceptible to stains, even when sealed. It can also scratch and chip more easily than other stones.  As such, it’s often selected for use specifically on island tops and pastry stations.

Since each piece is a unique product of nature, we like to advise you to visit our factory and select the exact slabs for your kitchen.


Granite Counter tops are absolutely stunning, and can enhance the appearance of any kitchen. Granite is highly heat and scratch resistant. However as it is a porous stone, it needs to be sealed every so often to avoid stains.

Quartz Surfacing

Crafted of resin and quartz chips tinted with colour, quartz surfacing (also known as engineered stone) is a good compromise between the beauty of stone and the easy care of solid surfacing. Engineered stone countertops are very uniform and homogenous. They’re non-porous and are resistant to both stains and scratches. Being an engineered product, it’s also available in a far wider range of colours and patterns than natural stone.

At WOMAG, we have over 70 different types/colours of marble, over 60 different types/colours of granite, and over 36 colours in our engineered stone range. With such a huge range to choose from, expertise on hand to assist in selecting the perfect piece for your home, and installation services also available, WOMAG really is the first stop to make for anyone looking to incorporate stone into their home.

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