Generation Store

WORDS Debbie Loots

Finding the edgy Italian company Seletti’s fab range of homeware products in Joburg’s Generation store was so great that we rushed over for a covet and chat with the shop’s founder, interior design specialist Julia Day. 

How did it happen? Well, it started off with her rebranding her 22-year-old furniture business last year, with design expert Fergus Armstrong’s input, and then following her design-loving heart to scour Italy. 

Not only did Julia come home with, among others, the iconic furniture brand De Padova and Jean Boggio ceramics, she also brought Seletti – a company that collaborates with top designers to make delectible objects.

We love the I-Tea set, a mostly white porcelain set by Selab that makes a bright departure from a baroque-look with its florescent handles. Then, after dinner, stack on high the delicately illustrated Alessandro Zambelli Palace range – they’re buildings! 

Now, let’s finish off this feast with some nostalgia – Ctrlzak Studio’s quirky Hybrid range lets sultry East meet dowdy West to make new magic together. Hungry yet?

Generation, Hyde Park Corner, Johannesburg, 011 325 6302,