Garden Day 2020: Preserving Flowers With Skaam

On Sunday 11 October 2020, green lovers around the country will be inviting friends, family and neighbours to join them in a virtual celebration for Garden Day.

Over the years, crafting flower crowns has become a Garden Day tradition. Thinking of making one this year? Why not extend the lifespan of your beautifully crafted creation? Simoné Griessel, founder of local brand Skaam, dries, presses and preserves flowers in custom-made frames.

After taking a 70-day sabbatical through Africa, Simoné launched Skaam on Spring Day in 2019. “Spending more time in nature and being connected to our source, it felt like I was exactly where I needed to be, mentally and physically.”

She started researching ways to preserve flowers, from ironing to microwaving, but found that the best way is still using books or a flower press.

“I frame the flowers between glass sheets and my most special pieces are framed with UV-protected museum glass,” she says. “The best way to preserve flowers for as long as possible is to keep them out of direct sunlight.”

Simoné designs the frames, which are then crafted locally using hardwood, which according to Simoné, becomes more beautiful with age. “I don’t treat them with anything, as I like the raw look of the timber framing the colourful flowers.”

Simoné says that you can press most flowers – the trick is to just have as little moisture in your flower as possible before pressing to ensure no mould forms during the preservation process. “Some flowers have a thick core (i.e. a sunflower), so in this instance, press the petals and middle individually and re-arrange it once it is preserved. You would need to keep an eye on the thickest part after a week and replace the parching paper, if needed, to ensure you get rid of as much moisture as possible.”

If you want to preserve your flower crown, Simoné suggests pressing the individual flowers/petals and rearranging it on the glass before framing. Skaam also hosts three-hour workshops where you can press flowers (including flower crowns), which include all materials, drinks and snacks. Find out more here.

Garden Day will host a number of virtual events in the run up to Sunday 11 October, including flower crown-making workshops. The final programme and details can be viewed at