Gallery: Broken Monsters Cape Town Exhibition

Paul Senyol

The Broken Monsters Charity Art Show brought to you by Nando’s, held in Cape Town and Johannesburg late last year, was a highly successful collaborative event. Missed it? You can see all of the works that were showcased at the Cape Town exhibition in this exclusive gallery below.

The purpose behind the collaboration was to raise funds for the children’s literacy NGO, Book Dash. For every artwork sold at each exhibition 150 children’s books were printed and distributed to underprivileged children.

Curated by Jacki Lang, the works were donated by both emerging and established artists and designers, including Brett Murray, Conrad Botes, Gabby Raaff, Kilmany-Jo Liversage, Lien Botha, Liza Grobler, Matthew Hindley, Mia Widlake, Paul Senyol and artists from the Nando’s Art Initiative.

Each artist was then presented with a page or pages from Lauren Beukes’ book Broken Monsters on which to create their work. Each work was then sold for R1 500 each and limited to one work per person.

*A gallery of all works exhibited at the Joburg exhibition will soon follow.