Fireplaces For Winter

infiniti fires

WORDS Mary Garner

People are drawn to flames, says Malcolm Sims, MD at Infiniti Fires. “We seek out not only the warmth of fire but also the mesmerising dance of the flames.”

But when it comes to new home heating installations, fewer than 5% are open brick fireplaces. They’re just too inefficient, not to mention the smell of smoke. And the days of heating a home cheaply on electricity are certainly gone.

The market is now split fairly equally between closed-combustion wood stoves and flueless gas fires, says Malcolm. A closed-combustion wood stove, the cheapest form of heating available, is designed to effectively heat a large open-plan space, where you can sit around the stove and enjoy the warmth and the flames – both of which can be controlled.

But what if you don’t have the time or inclination to stock up on wood and light a fire? And what if you have a minimalist interior and don’t like the idea of a stove and chimney? That’s where sleek flueless gas fires come in. You can still have flames but with minimal emissions, so there’s no need for a chimney and no heat is wasted.

You can have warmth and ambiance at the flick of a switch. Infiniti Fires has just launched a larger version of its popular Slimline flueless gas fire, which is 2 m long. The Symphony flueless gas fire is a sleek wall-mounted unit with a brushed stainless steel rear wall that magnifies the effect of the flames. Installation is easy; it will heat a 400-square-metre space; and, being wall-hung, it’s safer with young children in the house.

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