Federico Babina PORTRART Illustrations

Federico Babina

WORDS Mary Garner

Architect Federico Babina’s PORTRART project tells the story of the personalities of 35 artists. The short stories delivered here were made using the shaped, painted and sculpted features of each creative.

“Each composition portrays a realistic fantasy in a series of geometric shapes around a central matrix, the portrait,” explains Federico.

Using a simplistic approach, Federico’s PORTRART encapsulates the recognisable facial features of each artist.

“The project attempts to visualise the likeness, personality, and capture the essential features of the protagonist through simple lines, geometries, colour and ink,” says Babina. “The idea is to achieve an almost abstract representation without losing the essence of figurative representation.”

His work consistently makes use of abstract expressions in a minimalist form in order to tell a story. PORTRART similarly reflects Federico’s ARCHIATRIC series, where he explored the connection between creative genius and psychopathology.

Watch the PORTRART project come to life in the clip below.

(h/t) archdaily.com