Exhibition of top architecture students

The 17 best architectural theses completed by South African students in 2011 are showing at the Slee Gallery in Stellenbosch through the month of November.

Often students make the most interesting design work, free of the limitations and pressures of clients and commercial success. All too often though, these projects are only seen by teachers, examiners and fellow students, which is why VISI are particularly excited about this exhibition.

“It is not only the way the architectural solutions are dealt with that is inspiring,” says architect Johann Slee, who put together the exhibition. “But also the way the projects are presented; skillful hand-drawn renderings (a dying art) and impressive mind-blowing digital visualisations that will take their work into the future.”

Browse the teasers above and make sure to get down to the exhibition – these are the talents who will drive the future of South African architecture!

Slee Gallery, 101 Dorp Street, Stellenbosch, 021 887 3385, gallery@slee.co.za