Everblock Plastic Building Blocks

WORDS Katharine Jacobs

If you’ve ever dreamt of building a den in the living room or in an open plan office, for that matter, we have good news: Everblock plastic building blocks are now available in South Africa.

“From a young age, I have always loved to build things, tinker with objects and try out new ideas,” says New York-based entrepreneur and tinkerer Arnon Rosan, the founder of EverBlock Systems. EverBlock plastic blocks (a bit like Lego for grown-ups) can be used to build everything from desks and partitions to complete structures. A pressure fit ensures a strong link, and the blocks can hold several thousand kilos when weight is evenly distributed.

The blocks have been used to create some pretty incredible structures. In Utah, a 3D-printing company ordered 7 000 blocks to build walls in its offices – and the employees did the building themselves. They are designed to accept LED lighting, so structures can be lit from within. In Washington, DC, The National Synagogue used the blocks to build a giant blue-and-white menorah featuring nine LED candles.

“My personal favourite is a life-sized castle we built in Bryant Park in the middle of New York,” says Arnon. The sky is not quite the limit, however: Arnon says they recommend people don’t go above 3 m-high walls. He also suggests taking wind load into account if you build a structure outside.

The blocks and accessories, such as shelves, come in different sizes and colours. It costs R1 500 for a kit with eight blocks, enough to make a small coffee table. For more information, email info@everblocksa.co.za.