Sizzle On: Elevating your Outdoor Braai Area


Make the most of your patio, garden and outdoor entertaining space this year by creating the perfect braai area.

South Africa has the perfect climate for outdoor entertaining. The ability to entertain friends and family on a patio, or in the garden, whilst cooking is something we all enjoy.

The last three years has seen a dramatic increase in people’s requirements to be able to entertain at home in better style and with more cooking options. Cooking techniques such as, roasting meat on a spit shaft or a in rotating basket, the ability to do stir fries, bacon and egg or seafood on a braai plate, slow cooking joints of meat and even smoking food have all become more popular with at-home cooks.

The experts from Firefox break down what you need to consider when upgrading your outdoor cooking area:

Consider what size braai you need

Start with how many people you typically have at a braai and size for that number +2.

Consider whether you buy a charcoal/wood or gas braai

Both options will give great tasting food.

  • A gas braai heats up hot enough to start cooking 10 minutes after lighting the braai. Great if you have a busy lifestyle. If you have lots of guests you can keep cooking for a long period to feed them, too.
  • A charcoal braai typically takes 30-40 minutes after lighting, before it is hot enough to cook on. If buying a charcoal/wood braai go for a model with a ember maker. This will decrease the time it takes to get wood/charcoal hot enough to cook on and it can keep feeding hot embers to the cooking area for as long as you need to cook.
  • A dual braai (gas and charcoal/wood) gives you the best of both worlds.
Firefox Multibraai counter top with gas grill and canopy.

Decide what steel your braai should be made from for good looks and a long lifespan

If exposed to rain or is close to the sea, you should upgrade to a steel better suited for that environment. There has been increased demand for better braai finishes, with Firefox’s 3Cr12, 304 and 316 St Steel growing in popularity, to solve corrosion issues near the coast or to enhance the look of your patio.

Decide on the door type you would like to have

Typically a fold down and slide in door gives a very stable work platform in front of the braai. Ideal to put your meat platter, spices, marinades and braai tongs onto. Fold down and hang on chain doors typically give a bigger work platform, but are not as stable and can make you lean quite a lot to reach into the cooking area of the braai.

Consider the options the braai gives for different types of cooking that you will enjoy

Typical options available include:

  • Spit cooking either on a spit or in a braai basket.
  • Braai plates to enable stir fries, bacon and egg or sea food to be cooked.
  • Warming racks to warm bread or keep food warm.
  • Warming drawers to keep cooked food warm and carry to the table when required. 

Two final things to keep in mind when designing your braai area

Be prepared. Remember a braai requires a chimney to operate well, and a cowl to stop rain going down the chimney.

Extra storage is a good idea. Add a cupboard space/door below the braai to house your charcoal or gas bottle in.

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