7 Gins To Add To Your Drinks Trolly

gins round up

WORDS Michaela Stehr, Gina Dionisio

We’ve rounded up a selection of local and international gins to quench your thirst this summer. From poolside drinks to evening cocktails, this list has you covered.


Malachite Fynbos Gin

Infused with Cape Fynbos, this locally produced gin has distinctive hints of elderflower, chamomile and spring blooms. A fruity touch of lemon rind and delicate spice lingers on the palate.

R449 | kingshipspirits.co.za


Distillery Road Gin

A contemporary blend of traditional gin flavours and modern flair, this London dry-method gin holds top notes of coriander and lime on the nose, with ginger and cracked black pepper on the palate. Subtler notes include confetti bush and elements of local fynbos.

R299 | ngf.co.za


Hendrick’s Lunar Gin

The Ayrshire coast of Scotland and a botanical garden at night, served as inspiration for this new limited release. While this is a floral-forward gin, juniper is present on the nose and palate.

R499 | ngf.co.za


Clifton Botanical Gin

The range includes Clifton 1 – a signature sipping gin with orange peel, coriander seed, cardamom, lemon peel and tea-infusion notes of chamomile and honeybush. Serving it straight, over ice, will allow its delicate flavours to shine. Then there’s Clifton 2, which is perfect for cocktails, with fynbos and marine botanicals complemented by cucumber and buchu. Its juniper-dominant, clean flavour pairs well with various garnishes and tonics.

R429 | cliftongin.com


Pienaar & Son Ugly Gin

Sporting the motto “You’re paying for the liquid, not everything else”, Ugly Gin is a grapefruit- and-goji gin available at an affordable price point. Pienaar & Son might say that they’re putting marketing and branding on the back burner for the moment – but while this is certainly a delicious drink with minimal frills, we think it has the best-designed packaging of the bunch.

R179 | uglygin.co.za


Ginato Melograno Italian Gin

Sicilian pomegranates and Barbera grapes give this gin a bright and fresh twist. The floral notes on the nose are balanced by the tange of fruit on the palate.

R396 | takalot.com


Musgrave 11 Limited Edition

11 Rare botanicals contribute to the flavour profile of this limited edition bottle which features artwork by artist Jasmine Jagger. Notes of cardamom, African ginger and grains of paradise give the Musgrave Eleven a hint of warm spice.

R430 | musgravespirits.com

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