DIY Paper Lamps By VasiliLights

WORDS Mary Garner

VasiliLights, a design studio based in The Netherlands, creates paper light shades inspired by sea life.

The studio was established in 2015 alongside Vasili Popow and Lidiya Koloyarskaya’s architectural practice. “Now and then we want to take a break from the built environment and turn our attention to designing smaller items,” explains the team. “In the studio we develop self-initiated interior objects that emerge from our interior design ideas. Our passion is to design timeless, elegant and durable objects on a high quality level whether it be domestic or public lighting or furniture. We love what we do and we do what we love. That’s our winning formula for enjoying every project that leaves our studio.”

The 3D designs, which depict sea creatures inspired by the Dutch seaside, are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, with each kit including pre-cut paper templates that can be assembled into a 3D model. According to VasiliLights, the shapes of these aquatic lampshades take cues from the wild nature of the sea, its sounds, its noise and rhythm.

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