Designers We Love: The Ninevites

Odumili Rug

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Textile design studio The Ninevites, founded by Nkuli Mlangeni, weaves a modern story that pays homage to heritage and tradition.

Nkuli Mlangeni

“I am a dreamer. I enjoy coming up with ideas and starting them, but I haven’t always been good at finishing them. So, for me having a collective of people to collaborate and work with is really important.

Nonkhita Rug

“All of the women in my life have been highly influential in my development. As a child, I was always surrounded by smart, brave, inspiring women. “I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world.

Through my travels, I’ve seen beautiful places and things, met amazing people, and learnt a lot about myself and the world. Travel has had a major influence on how I choose to live and what I do.

“To me, luxury is having the time and the ability to do what I love for a living.”

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