Designers We Love: Ryan Matchett

Ryan Matchett Design House’s Black Light is made of polished anodised aluminium.

WORDS Tracy Greenwood

Industrial designer and lighting expert Ryan Matchett has created an adjustable candelabra that can be positioned to create many looks, depending on your space and mood.

What prompted you to create an adjustable candelabra?

I like the idea of products being modular. It encourages the user to be interactive and, in their own way, access their creativity.

What was your inspiration?

My design philosophy is structured around the marriage between the straight lines of modern design and the perfect curves found in nature. The fascinating thing for me about this design is the simplicity of the parts and how they can be assembled into what looks like a complex shape.

Why did you choose to make it black?

This product was the fruit of an invitation to design an item for an exhibition called Black.

I chose the candelabra because of the contrast between light and dark. I chose aluminium because it could be anodised black, a finish that is a lot more durable than sprayed steel. It’s also a lot less common to see an anodised aluminium product on your dining table that still holds an elegant feminine aspect that cannot be harnessed in other metals.

Which is more important to you, form or function?

I think neither should carry more weight than the other. A successful product should be pleasing to the eye, ergonomic in the hand and more than capable of fulfilling the function it was designed for. Without this it is a solution, not a design.

For more information, visit or contact 021 789 0023 or 076 094 4357.