Design Solutions: Berloni


With over 58 years manufacturing experience and a presence in South Africa for over 28 years, Berloni commands the reputation of being at the forefront of international trend-setting and technological advancements, in both the design and manufacture of kitchens and furniture.


The extensive and diverse Berloni range offers infinite solutions for kitchens and living spaces, from materials and colours to finishes and designs. Continuous research and development ensures products, whether contemporary or traditional in style, improve and evolve to meet ever-changing needs and aspirations.

Berloni invests a great deal in the study of the use of new materials, diversifying the existing ranges and designing kitchens that are more functional, safer and more ergonomic. The result: designs that are captivating, uncompromising and original.

BVolume, the new collection that launched in 2017, is a celebration of Berloni’s innovative philosophy and flexibility. The models in this range are characterised by striking, bold compositions, with continuous lines and expansive surfaces, boasting increased storage spaces and enhanced ergonomics. A newly introduced improvement includes lower plinths that are set deeper under the cabinets, optimising feet placement when using the kitchen.

Production takes place in Pesaro, and due to high-end craftsmanship and stringent controls, the highest levels of quality are maintained, ensuring that Berloni kitchens are durable and will serve the end-user for decades. For this reason, an unprecedented 5 year guarantee is now offered on the range, making Berloni the best value-for-money investment.

The rigorous manufacturing processes respect Berloni’s social and environmental imperatives at all times, ensuring the furniture holds its own environmentally friendly credentials and is certified “Green Made”.  A number of international awards and quality certifications further attest to the unparalleled quality and design of the products that Berloni manufactures.

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