Design Meets Function: The Geberit Acanto Bathroom Series

Geberit Acanto Bathroom Series

Savvy design and smart storage solutions can turn any bathroom, regardless of its size, into a stylish oasis… and the Geberit Acanto series does just that.

Elegant organic shapes, clear design and innovative storage solutions all come together in Geberit’s Acanto bathroom series. If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom then the diversely modular nature of the series will give you the creative freedom to create a space that not only fits your needs but makes a statement, too.

Below, we’ve listed seven standout features which offer countless ways to configure a bathroom:

Practical Tall Cabinets

Geberit Acanto

A tall cabinet is perfect for those who don’t want to compromise on functionality or space. The slimline storage solution provides extra space thanks to its apothecary pull-outs.

Illuminated Mirror Cabinet

Geberit Acanto

General lighting can wash over everything, so putting light where it’s needed is key when it comes to functional bathroom design. The illuminated mirror cabinet is an innovative concept with a built in USB port and magnifying mirror.

Optimised Storage Space

Geberit Acanto

The silent push-to-open washbasin cabinets keep things in order virtually all by themselves thanks to the compartmentalised storage options.


Geberit Acanto

Water-saving and sleek in design, the wall-hung rimless toilets with QuickRelease seats ensure easy cleaning and greater hygiene.

Slim Aesthetic

Geberit Acanto

The bathtub’s SlimRim ensures a graceful and slender appearance.

Magnet Board

Geberit Acanto

This nifty feature gives you the option to position storage boxes exactly where you need your bathroom essentials – and you can reconfigure their positions whenever you want.

Bathroom Furniture

Geberit Acanto

Made from moisture-resistant, high-compressed three-layer chipboard, the slim-forward design of the bathroom furniture provides ample storage space even in the smallest of bathrooms.

For more information on Geberit’s products or the Acanto series, visit, view the catalogue or contact them directly here.