Design Indaba 2015: Day Two

Omar Victor Diop's portrait of DJ and producer Zepherin Saint

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

From Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop’s portraits and Santiago Cirugeda’s guerilla architecture to the iconic Rosita Missoni on how her global brand came to be, the second day at the 2015 Design Indaba conference certainly kept us inspired.

  1. Omar Victor Diop

This talented photographer hails from Dakar in Senegal. His striking project, entitled The Studio of Vanities features portraits of young African creatives. This particular image of model Aminata Faye caught our eye.


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  1. Dominic Wilcox

Dominic Wilcox has an imagination that’s constantly at work. He’s a true thinker. We were lucky enough to do a quick Q&A with this fascinating creative mind. Missed it? Here it is. We also loved his idea for a cost-saving fence and his clever watch sculptures, seen below.


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  1. Santiago Cirugeda

This Spanish guerilla architect is all about self-building and recycling unused public spaces. We especially love his “alien containers”.


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  1. Roy Choi

The godfather of the food truck movement, LA-based Roy Choi doesn’t see himself as a revolutionary and believes cooking is all about nurturing. His new project Locol aims to “flip fast food on its head”. Find out more about this project in the video below.

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  1. Stefano Giavonnoni

This renowned product designer is responsible for the world-famous Bombo stool by Magis (one of the most copied pieces of furniture in the world). However, we thought we’d share some of his more recent work, like this beautiful outdoor furniture collaboration with Spanish firm VONDOM.


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  1. Rosita Missoni

The icon behind the renowned global brand Missoni gave us the quote of the day.

“Colours are like musical notes. You can play endlessly with them.”


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