Design Indaba 2015: Day Three

Sindiso Khumalo: Umabo Collection

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

The final day of the Design Indaba conference featured a combination of beautiful design, video genius and captivating performance. Here are a few of our top picks. 

  1. Studio Formafantasma

Italian design duo, Studio Formafantasma shared one of their latest projects with us, namely De Natura Fossilium, a project that makes use of lava samples collected while visiting Mount Elna in Sicily. The results, including the Stromboli bowl below, are just beautiful.


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  1. Sindiso Khumalo

Durban-born (and London-based) Sindiso Khumalo is a multi-talented textile and fashion designer whose aesthetic is rooted in South Africa. Here are examples from her Umabo collection. She worked together with craftswoman Bettina Khumalo on the handmade T-shirts, seen above and below.


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  1. Yoni Bloch

To say that Yoni Bloch, Israeli musician and co-founder of Interlude, is somewhat of a genius is an understatement. This music video, created for Bob Dylan’s legendary song, Like a Rolling Stone had more views than any of Bob Dylan’s previous music videos put together. Watch it below (you’ll need to download the Interlude Player on mobile) or interact with it at

  1. Emily Oberman

Pentagram graphic designer Emily Oberman has been working with Saturday Night Live for 20 years. She’s behind the opening titles of their 40th anniversary episode, seen below, as well as the book celebrating four decades of the show.


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  1. Dan Wieden

Dan Wieden, chairman of Wieden+Kennedy in the US, is an icon of the advertising industry. As he coined Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It,” we thought we’d share one of his firm’s latest ads for the brand. Pretty powerful.

Video via Nike Baseball on YouTube

We were also lucky enough to hear from the award-winning Yellow Fever creator, N’gendo Mukii and famed YouTube filmmaker Casey Neistat (we especially enjoyed this video). The show closed with the iconic William Kentridge sharing a part of his acclaimed chamber opera with the audience. If you’re in Cape Town on Saturday 28 February, William Kentridge will be doing a book signing on the Design Indaba Expo Floor. Visit for more information.

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