Decor Tips from Minnie Dlamini-Jones

minnie dlamini-jones

TV host, actress and executive producer Minnie Dlamini-Jones shares personal decor tips that she’s put to use in her own home.

Many of us have stared at an empty house that’s about to become our home for the foreseeable future. For Minnie, that moment came when she was 19, armed with a passion and joy for the newfound freedom of being a young adult with her own space.

She soon realised that her decor would not depend on having an eye for beautiful things, but rather, be limited by her wallet. It was then that Minnie began to develop an eye for home aesthetics that wouldn’t break the bank.

She learned to buy affordable items that looked high-end, while still living within her means. “It was when I had to stretch the budget and be creative that I really fell in love with home decor,” she says.

Minnie’s number one style tip is to make your home personal. “A house is very specific and very personal to an individual, so make sure it reflects you,” she says.

For Minnie, a personal item quickly turns a house into a home and her favourite room in the house is her kitchen. “Not only is it beautiful, but I love to cook and my kitchen is my happy place”.

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