Courageous Colour

The bolder, the brighter, the better. This season we’ve seen colour dominate fashion, food, design and architecture. Just as we thought there couldn’t be a combination we haven’t seen, German interior designer Lars Contzen takes it to the next level.

Lars’ new project, Colourcourage, is a feast for the eyes. Striking a perfect balance between vibrant colours, patterns and texture, he has employed his own colour system to design rooms with distinct personalities.

It is clear that this designer believes that colour will remain high on the future design agenda. The Colourcourage system works according to design patented “colour families”, created according to colour psychology and current cultural trends. Keeping the need for combinable colours that exist beyond printed colour charts in mind, the system was created to help interior designers and customers find available materials that match the Colourcourage palettes. 

Conceptual thinking remains key to Lars’ design and putting together a Colourcourage design is not easy. He has spent many years putting together complementary pieces that prove to be more than just a fun experiment with colour.

Lars’ website offers a range of palettes, including available products to design your own Colourcourage-inspired space. If that doesn’t provide enough visual pleasure, Lars’ videos give us a behind the scenes look at the design process and photo shoots that might inspire more than just great interior spaces. His unconventional combinations make one realise that there really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to colour co-ordinating. As with many other things in life, who dares wins.


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