Cool Spaces: Tapa Tapa

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Peter Dixie / LOTAN

Designed by Quarta & Armando (Q&A) Architecture Design Research, Tapa Tapa is a tapas and wine bar in Shanghai.

Located in the up-and-coming North Bund, Tapa Tapa is defined by two basic modules, each accommodating two to six seats. Each module represents a three-dimensional slice of a traditional taberna. The placement in the irregularly-shaped site affords each table its own view of the glittering city and river beyond.

Simple materials are combined with pops of primary colours, a fun take on vernacular motifs. Steel-framed polycarbonate panels create the illusion of rooms.

While the “rooms” afford a sense of privacy, their openness fosters an ambience of communality within the long space. At guests’ feet, printed ceramic tiles with custom-made illustrations juxtapose grey concrete flooring. The same principle is mirrored on the ceiling, affording a virtual separation of illusory indoor and outdoor space.

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