Cool Spaces: SAOTA’s Miami Beach House


South African architecture firm SAOTA has built its first residence in Miami Beach, Florida and it’s a mega mansion that boasts views, terraces and a pool-party ready outdoor area.

The multi-layered property perfectly blends the indoors and the outdoors. Instead of containing the home to one singular structure, SAOTA stuck to its signature style of creating “porous” living spaces and spread the home over the elongated property, creating a seamless connection to the outside.

The expansive waterfront home is located in a picturesque setting overlooking the palm-lined India Creek Canal towards the Atlantic Ocean. The front of the home features a basketball court that acts not only as a buffer from the noise made by the adjacent busy road but also makes for an interestingly “suspensive arrival experience” for guests.

The overall design of the home sees the interior not so much as an indoor space but more a living space that embraces the landscape, sky and Miami’s tropical climate. Wherever one may be in the house, the connection to the outside is always evident. This is delivered through a variety of courtyards, floor-to-ceiling glazing, retractable walls and luscious landscaping by Raymond Jungles. The massive pool is accompanied by a barbecue area, bar, Jacuzzi and even a waterslide that descends from the terrace on the second floor.

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