Cool Spaces: Kamara House at Thornybush Lodge

WORDS Michaela Stehr PHOTOS Supplied

Thornybush Lodge at Kruger has added a new exclusive-use offering to its 5-star getaway experience. Introducing Kamara House.

The new private house overlooks a small riverbed, the perfect location for watching animals. The newest addition to the luxury safari experience came into fruition when the original lodge received a full refurbishment and facelift which you can read about, here.

Designed with larger groups of friends and family in mind, Kamara House gives privacy and a discreet setting with the option of using all of the Lodge’s public areas and spaces. Including the spa and wellness centre, the feature pool area and the game lodge shop.

“We are delighted to expand the Thornybush offering by introducing our guests to a holistic 5-star luxury safari experience, complete with a health and wellness program, immersive safari experiences, and new facilities while staying true to the safari legacy that defines Thornybush Game Lodge,” says Melanie Parker, Head of Operations.

The house spans 251m squared under the roof with an additional 120m deck and private swimming pool for guests, with the space comfortably sleeping six guests.

Kamara House

Designed in a style that fuses a contemporary edge with organic and nature-inspired qualities, the space juxta[poses textures and tones that blend with the surrounding bush and landscape. Interior Designer Artichoke along with architects Lankers & Fry worked together to imagine the new space “Our aim was to create a sense of tranquillity by combining classic and modern design elements. We have made sure not to overdesign the spaces, which allows for a sense of comfort and relaxation throughout, utilising timeless elements Thornybush is so well known for, allowing the beautiful open spaces to speak for themselves ” says Caline Williams-Wynn.

Artichoke has curated a team of local artisans to create the exquisite cabinetry in both the bedrooms and bathrooms. “The superior craftsmanship, combined with the use of organic and textured materials such as raffia sliding doors on cupboards in the rooms and rattan on bathroom vanities, further enhances the luxurious atmosphere of the spaces. The showstoppers in the rooms are the trunks at the end of the beds which are multipurpose and can be used as luggage racks as well as extra storage” says Samantha Mühlbauer of Artichoke. As part of Thornybush’s ongoing commitment to supporting local communities, the construction teams were employed locally.

Known for quality service in a luxurious setting, Thornybush offers a state-of-the-art safari experience including twice daily game drives, guided bush tours and viewing from the decks of the lodge.

“We are thrilled with the addition of Kamara House to our esteemed Thornybush offering. Building upon the cherished legacy of the beloved Game Lodge, this exclusive-use retreat provides discerning guests seeking high-end seclusion and privacy with the opportunity to uncover their dream safari,” concludes Andy Payne, CEO of Thornybush.

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