Cool Spaces: Inside The Dropbox Headquarters

WORDS Ashraf Booley

Rapt Studio has revamped the offices of California-based technology company, Dropbox, into an ultra-modern, edgy workspace designed around the concept of “neighbourhoods, shared community values and landmarks.”

Upon hearing the word “Dropbox”, most digital savvy folk will make the connection with the digital file sharing service that cleverly operates on an almost entirely invisible interface.

And if you thought that was impressive, behold. The company’s physical offices are housed in a 300 000-square-foot building, divided into various “neighbourhoods” including a number of meeting rooms, portals and strategic spaces that seamlessly connect through a coherent flow. This allows employees to create subcultures within the company based on their collective personalities. The innovative “neighbourhood” concept is paramount to turning antiquated company culture on its head – and fostering creativity within the workplace.

The various spaces include a library – inspired by a 1970s Italian theatre, featuring ribbon-like archways, walnut-veneered shelves and an ultra-long table that extends to the centre of the room. Most impressive, arguably, is that the whole room glows pink when sunlight shines through – a result of the plush pink carpet and rounded love seat.

Another point of interest: the gorgeous serpentine benches in the reception area, which are made of steam-bent oak strips. They also have a “Karaoke Bar” – inspired by mom’s basement, to blow off some steam. (Happy hour every Friday, to boot). TGIF!

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