Cool Spaces: Baovan by Clap Studio

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Daniel Rueda via

Clap Studio turns Baovan‘s tagline “beach, beers, and baos” into an enterable sunset; a playful dialogue between dusky hues, nature-adjacent textures and a love of surfing, exploration and artisanal baos.

Located in Valencia, Spain, Baovan’s design lands one experience really well: eating a bao, at the ocean’s edge, during sunset. To do this entirely artificially, the space comprises three successively-discovered areas.


The first is ‘the forest’; ropes hang from the ceiling like green tendrils reaching down from jungle canopies. Through ‘the forest’ is ‘the beach’. Here, blocks of playful evening colour contrast oceanic blues, a half-moon shaped screen programmed by Vitamin Studio recreates the palette of the sinking sun and a stretch of clouds running along the roof add further dimension by reflecting the dance of light. The final space is hidden – a reserved dining area where up to ten guests can eat by almost-real moonlight.

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Each space presents a duality of colours that serves to visually transport guests in, out and through water. It’s at once an ode to the golden hour and a tale of the travels throughout Asia, America and Africa that inspired the restaurant partners to birth Baovan in the first place.

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