Cool Spaces: Bun Burger by Masquespacio

WORDS Cheri Morris PHOTOS Gregory Abbate for Masquespacio

Critically-acclaimed creative consultancy Masquespacio brings their signature style to Milan’s Bun Burger with a finger-licking side of Wes Anderson-esque aesthetics inspired by the joy of swimming pools.

An unassuming white facade located in the Brera District keeps secret the playful interiors treasured within. Bowl-you-over hugs of pastel-y pinks, purples, greens and hints of gold and cream deceive outward expectations. Conceived by Masquespacio‘s Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse, the space is a reimagination of the beloved body of water that speaks of summer and easy days.

Square-shaped tiles reminiscent of timeless mosaic skirtings cover floors, while walls double as reflectors with overlapping hues of pink and purple that speak to ripples upon the water. Nearby, a pool ladder hangs to one side. Cushions pad bench-like seats while individual stools anchor a gold-coloured leg to break the palette of playful colours.


In another room, a different yet symmetrical narrative begins: Arches decked in purple invite diners to nestle within them, while a flight of steps raises the seating to an aesthetically-easing higher level. Hues of honey highlight the purple streak, drawing all elements back toward themselves to create an air of seamlessness. Past the entrance, blushes of pink and green command the space while anchoring the narratives of adjoining rooms. All that Bun Burgers asks? Enjoy a good ol’ burger and fries and, please, have fun.

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