Clifton Apartment by Ohkre Collective

STYLING Sanri Pienaar PHOTOS Frances Marais

Nestled in Clifton, Cape Town, this luxurious holiday apartment by architecture and interior design studio Ohkre Collective seamlessly blends opulence and coastal charm.

Drawing inspiration from its coastal palette, this Clifton apartment intricately weaves with its natural surroundings. Neutral tones create a tranquil and sophisticated space, highlighting local craftsmanship and through collaboration.

Ohkre Collective, founded by Phillip Nel and Heinrich van Zyl, transformed the apartment from a cramped and dimly lit space to a newly designed haven that feels open, bright, and layered. Walls were strategically taken down to create an open-plan layout, allowing abundant natural light to fill every corner. Despite budget constraints, clever design choices were made to achieve maximum impact, resulting in an interior that feels spacious and exudes an air of sophistication.

The carefully curated furnishings are not just a testament to luxury but also a celebration of local designers. Statement pieces, such as the captivating painting by Renee Rossouw, sculptural vessels by Astrid von Brucken, and bespoke crockery by ceramicist Amelia Jacobs, collectively tell a narrative of elegance, echoing the essence of the location.

For Phillip and Heinrich collaborative culture is fostered with every phase of a project, which places people at the heart of what they do. Collaborations with Ohkre Collective, Wunders, Weylandts, Lim, Hertex and WB-Lighting ensure a meticulous selection of furniture, fabrics, carpets and lights, each contributing to the apartment’s overarching design intent.

The joinery, designed by Ohkre Collective and crafted by de Ruiter Joinery, creates a subtle thread of luxury, weaving seamlessly through the apartment’s design fabric. The kitchen, enhanced with a stunning marble installation by Cannata & Sons, is a focal point of sophistication, complemented by purpose-built vanities that marry chic aesthetics with functionality. The construction, executed by Phase Three Developments, breathes life into the architectural blueprint, shaping the apartment exactly to Ohkre Collective specifications.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the design strategically champions functionality and ease of maintenance. This orchestration of local design celebration, coupled with a delicate equilibrium between intricacy and simplicity, sees the apartment transform into a timeless haven, epitomising the essence that Cape Town has to offer.

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