Clever Design: Minima Moralia Pop-Up Studio

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES

London architects Jonas Prišmontas and Tomaso Boano have designed Minima Moralia, a modular, customisable pop-up space.

The small, cellular construction is aimed at creatives such as painters, designers, musicians, architects and sculptors looking for an interactive working studio space.

The concept is aimed at both communal and solo use with the idea that small communities of pop-up studios will form in both public and private areas. This will bring together like-minded individuals to share a creative space in the city, where rent is expensive and places are densely populated.

The shell of the Minima Moralia is constructed from modular steel with windows as walls and a folding canopy for an indoor-outdoor effect. There is also the opportunity to customise the space with shelves, desks and lights.

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