Clever Collaborations: Piano. Push. Play

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Piano.Push.Play is a collaborative initiative whereby pianos get distributed throughout the United States for people to play and enjoy.

Each piano is customised by a specific designer or artist, with its own unique theme inspired by music.

Designers include Ivan Salcido, Katy Towell Design, Maureen Long Design, Blaine Fontana, IDL Worldwide, Charlie White, Michael Erspamer, Chris Bigalke and Julia Skerry, Melody Owen, Amy Ruppel, Lucid Graphic Design, Julianna Bright, Doug Fir, Nemo Design, Alison Pond Design, Cassandra Frances Swan, Zach Yarrington, Big Giant, Susannah Kelly and ZGF.

The team works with neighbouring piano companies, letting “loose” pianos in good condition into the “wild” for people to play. Anyone who passes one of these interactive musical instruments gets the chance to show their talent or just have fun in the experience of making music.

The street pianos give families who may not be able to afford a piano, or have the space to home one, the opportunity to make music. The pianos are later donated to schools and community centres.

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