Choosing Blinds Over Curtains: 7 Reasons From Luxaflex®


Blinds are no longer destined for the office and curtains for the home – more and more people are opting to use blinds for windows in their houses and apartments.

Why choose blinds over curtains? Here are seven possible reasons:

1. Blinds can control the light levels in a room. You can adjust blinds so that light and air enters a room without being affected by the glare from the sun’s rays, whereas curtains tend to be made either from thin fabric, letting a lot of light in, or heavy fabric, which can limit ventilation and make a room stuffy.

2. Not only do blinds add a sleek touch to a home, they are also incredibly versatile, and are available in various styles, finishes and materials to suit every room, from fabric (e.g. Roller Blinds, Duette® Shades, Twist® Roller shades or Silhouette® shades) and wood to polyresin and aluminium. Curtains generally only come in fabric.

3. Blinds are easier to measure for than curtains, as there are no hem or seam allowances, rings, tabs or tapes required. Simply measure the area you wish to cover and choose your style. Blinds also usually attach directly to the window frame, whereas curtains require rails, rings, screws and sometimes clips and tapes to hang correctly.

4. Blinds are generally easy to clean. Wood, plastic and metals can be wiped down with a cleaning wipe or damp cloth, and even fabric blinds are generally hardy and stain-resistant, requiring a simple brush down while hanging or even a light vacuum. Curtains are often made from cotton, which is not stain-resistant. Curtains also need to be taken down, washed and pressed before being re-hung back in place, during which time the sun will be glaring through your window.

5. Blinds are durable. Curtains are generally not suitable for homes with pets as they are easily ruined by teeth and claws and could pose a problem or even a danger to your pet if they become entangled in the fabric. Similarly, small children could easily pull down, become entangled with, or damage a curtain. All Luxaflex® blinds are child safe. Curtains can also hold dust mites and pet dander, which can trigger allergies or asthma issues, whereas blinds usually feature a hard or treated fabric surface and are better at resisting this build-up.

6. Blinds are easy to use, often being opened or closed at the turn of a wrist or the pull of a cord. Curtains can sometime stick on their rails and become difficult to open and close easily.

7. Blinds give a minimalist, streamlined look and can make rooms appear bigger, especially when fitted into bay windows or conservatories. Curtains, especially heavy ones, can sometimes make a room appear smaller, and are very difficult to fit into a bay window without screening it off.

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