Cape Town: International Public Art Festival

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Cape Town art takes to the walls at the inaugural International Public Art Festival to be held in Salt River.

The festival will run from 10 – 19 February 2017 and acts as the opening event for Cape Town’s Art Month.


Large selections of local and international artists have applied to take part in the painting of Salt River, with local artist Chantel Woodman curating the festival.

Baz Art, the NPO responsible for the festival, initially targeted 25 artists to be involved, but the local and international response has been overwhelming.

The list of artists involved include both street artists and fine artists. “There is a lot of hype around fine art…, but this is something different, another form of expression,” says Chantel. “People from these different communities are welcoming the opportunity to explore different ways of expressing themselves.”

The list of artists include Alicia McFadzean, Ana Kuni, Andrzej Urbanski, Anwar Davids, WiseTwo, Charl Christo, Chocolate Sauce, Claude Chandler, Clement Mougel, Cosmic Lucky, Ubutu B-Boys, Ello Xray Eyez, Grant Chapman, Grant Jurius, Ibrahim Baaith, Jacl Fox, Julia Mary Grey, Mak1One, Mars Spray Guy, Martin Lund, Mr. Migo, Momo, Paul Senyol, Raphael Federici, Rayaan Cassiem, Rizah Potgieter, Ruth Frances, Seth1, Sven Christian, Tarryn Gordon, The Bushman, Wayne BBK, Conform, Joykil and Robane.

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