Cane Webbing Wallpaper by NLXL

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Wallpaper design studio NLXL has launched a range of “cane webbing” wallpapers that mimic the ancient art of cane weaving in a contemporary way.

“We started working on Cane Webbing wallpaper designs in early 2018,” explains NLXL Creative Director Rick Vintage. “At the same time we were working on a wainscoting wallpaper but it wasn’t until we put the two together that we saw the potential of this collection. When Roderick Vos, one of our favourite designers, stopped by our studio we showed him prototypes of the webbing/wainscoting designs. He got inspired and surprised us with his beautiful sketches for the ‘Angle Webbing’ wallpaper a couple of weeks later.”

The modernistic take on webbing combines a classic and futuristic approach, with high-resolution scans creating the illusion of real cane webbing in wallpaper form.

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