The AGA 60

WORDS Amelia Brown

The AGA 60 delivers all of the personality and kitchen credentials you’d expect from this iconic British brand in a colourful, compact package that’s ideal for a city pad.

An AGA oven has come to be the symbol of both homeliness and craftsmanship. And while its designs have remained relatively unchanged, technological advancements and an evolution in how we live and entertain have led to more choice and flexibility. At just 60 cm, the AGA 60 is still made the traditional way from molten iron, much of which is created from used materials such as car gearboxes, lamp-posts and so on. Despite its diminutive size, it features two ovens, which can be switched on and off independently, and the choice of a hotplate or gas hob. With programmability on the roasting/baking oven, there’s no waiting for the cooker to heat up.

The proven three-day application of AGA’s famous enamelling in a fresh range of contemporary colours helps ensure its longevity. White, heather, cream, aqua, blush or baby blue … This model maximises style and function for a space-efficient home and simultaneously modernises a kitchen icon.

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