WATCH: Camille Walala’s Largest Mural To Date

WORDS Michaela Stehr VIDEO Romain Thomassin via Vimeo

French graphic artist Camille Walala is behind the creation of an incredible 40-metre-high mural in Brookyn, New York City.

Her largest mural to date, Camille began her career in textile design. After living in London she realised the opportunity available to bring colour to dull streets.

Drawing influence from colour combinations seen on the street, the Memphis movement and its founding member Nathalie Du Pasquier, her playful, vibrant artworks make use of colour blocking, geometric shapes and repetitive patterns.


She enjoys the fact that parts of the building, such as windows and pipes, become a part of the concept of the design and interact with her work.

“Maybe one day I could have my own city,” she says in the clip. “I’m trying to kind of achieve The Walalaland, where hopefully all of the buildings will be bright and colourful.”

See more of her work, here.