Bruce Boyd and Tharien Smith’s 0˚C Print Series

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Bruce Boyd

The 0˚C print series features stunning floral compositions captured in ice and on camera.

Growing up with a mother forever arranging flowers in a home filled with paintings made by his father of those very arrangements, Bruce Boyd has always known he wanted to do something with flowers.

He began experimenting with flower-filled ice blocks against backdrops of light with the help of artist Tharien Smith, his girlfriend.

After yet another mediocre shoot, they inadvertently dropped an ice block into a swimming pool… and watched in awe as cascading light danced from petal to pool floor. In that moment, their 0˚C series was born.

Months of trial and error followed. With Tharien as chief flower arranger and Bruce behind the lens, more than 100 blocks of flowers in ice were photographed before they were happy with the results. When the ice blocks meet with fluid form – pool, stream or puddle – they crack and melt, offering an always-unexpected final touch.

Prints in A1 size are sold online for R4 000 each.

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