Best Jewellery

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES Luke Kuisis

Best is a new local jewellery brand that aims to promote self-love.

Founded by Rebecca Scher, the brand was established in response to the designer’s personal journey and experiences of feeling excluded and isolated while growing up. “I eventually had a profound realisation that my best self came through when I simply embraced all my differences,” she says. “I think this feeling of feeling excluded is so inherent with our current generation especially when you look at the world through social media. People are constantly being bombarded with massive standards of unrealistic comparisons. I wanted Best to function as an encouraging, non-judgmental space for women to freely express themselves and feel totally accepted during the process.”

Rebecca originally studied architecture, but decided to turn to jewellery design, a medium she felt more connected to from the start. “I took this as an opportunity to create a product that could act as a medium to broadcast a powerful message,” she says. “Best became a platform to encourage woman to embrace themselves for who they are instead of who they are expected to be, by wearing something that’s beautiful.”

Best’s range, which currently consists of gold-plated rings and earrings, is designed to accentuate what you already have. “Gone are the days of brands telling woman to buy something to change how they look!” says Rebecca.

Rebecca turned to Cape Town-based designer and illustrator Daniel Ting Chong to create the brand’s identity system. “Rebecca came to me with an open brief and the most integral part of the identity system was the name development,” explains Daniel. “We explored different directions but ‘Best’ consolidated all the brand’s ambitions and values.”

The identity features four colours that can work both independently and together. For Daniel it was important that the brand elements remained paired back in order for the jewellery to shine and for the strong female stories to be expressed and celebrated.

To shop online, visit or follow Best on Instagram to keep up to date. Best is also stocked at Margot Molyneux in Cape Town.